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What's Your Curl Pattern?


Understanding your curls is the first and most crucial part when getting started with your hair journey. Many people think they either have curly hair or don’t but, lately, many women realize it's not that simple. Knowing the type of curls one has and how to work with them will make your hair routine all the more orderly & efficient!

If you have hair on the wavy/curly side, then you most likely have type 2 curls. Type 2 curls are loose curls or wavy hair and are usually prone to frizz. It's best for this type of hair to use lightweight products and avoid roots for more volume.

If you have hair that is more curly than wavy but not too tight of curls then it sounds like type 3 hair. Type 3 curls need extra support for defining your curl pattern which means the products you use will really make or break your hair. This hair type is also prone to fizz but tends to hydrate easier.

Lastly is the type of curls that are tight and very coily. This is known as type 4 curls which are prone to shrinkage and tangles quite easily. Breakage can be seen with these types of curls as well if you do not hydrate them frequently. Moisture and hydration are type 4 curls’ best friends.

Now that you are familiar with your curl pattern it's crucial you use products that will enhance your curls rather than do harm to them. Most products on big corps. shelves never advertise what their product does for specific types of hair or curls. Bee Natural Box is dedicated to giving you that personal experience with our Hair Quiz and the type of boxes that are offered.

Take the Hair Quiz shown above and within minutes you will be connected to a great selection of personalized hair boxes that include three full-size products, a sample-size product, and a unique fun accessory. The best part is the box will be shipped right to your front door!

No more stressing in the middle of an aisle whether that $24.99 product is worth it or not. No more running out to Ulta just to find the product you were looking for is out of stock. And especially no more supporting billion-dollar brands that could care less about your hair needs!

Bee Natural Box is affordable, covenant, and most important caring about its clients and wants to make them feel as confident and beautiful as ever!


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