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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Bee natural Box is a subscription service that provides you with products unique to your hair needs! Each box is personalized with products based on YOUR hair journey.

How do I get a box?

Start off by taking our hair quiz. We'll ask you some questions about you and your hair to recommend the best box type. Enter your box code during checkout and get excited to receive your new products!

Q & A

Do I get new products every month even if I pick the same box type?

Yes! Each month will feature new products for you to try. Each month features different brands.

How do I know these products will work for my hair?

We'll provide you with product descriptions and recommended usage for each item. Each box type utilizes products differently so you may learn a new way to use a product!

How do I subscribe to get monthly boxes?

The more boxes you buy at a time, the better value! You'll always look forward to new products in each box.

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