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Wait, I Have Curly Hair?


Ever wanted to know whether your hair is straight or if it actually belongs to the wavy/ curly side? This will be the holy grail guide on determining your hair truth!

A new TikTok trend has hit the public; many women are now discovering their relationship with their hair all these years have been a lie! The curly girl method is a way for “straight-haired” women to put their hair to the test and see if they really have wavy/curly hair instead.

This viral TikTok trend stems from author Lorraine Massey’s Curly hair method. She describes this method as a lifestyle more than anything and only takes a few easy steps to keep up with this lifestyle.


“The CGM follows three simple steps: cleanse not wash, like laundry this preserves the health and integrity of the curls; condition, protect, hydrate, and organize curls; and style, to keep curls groups moisturized and intact to maintain them as you wear them daily." -Lorraine Massey


Massey recommends testing one’s hair for at least two weeks, she vows the more consistent you stay with this process the better definition of your natural texture of hair will show. After completing the two-week period if you are left with curly, wavy, spirally, coily, or anything in between, this method is meant for your hair.

If you are still unsure if you should give the curly hair method a go, here are some indicators that your hair isn't exactly straight. First, if you have some sort of occasional curl or wave to your hair and excessive flyaways, frizziness, baby curls by the hairline, or stray hairs this all could be a hint that your hair is actually curly.

If the biggest problem with your hair is frizziness, that could also hint at one having curly hair. If you can't naturally dry your hair without a frizz situation or humidity bringing out the frizz, then you most likely have curly locks.

If any of these indicators resonate with you, then investing in your curls sooner rather than later would be major for your hair journey! It can be quite overwhelming to search for a new shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, etc. so fear not! Our Curl Enhancing Box has everything one needs to have beautiful healthy locks and can be shipped right to your front door, what's more convenient?

The box includes three full-size products, a sample size, and an accessory! Our boxes are shipped out monthly so you'll never have to worry about running out of products or having to pick up them. Do not be afraid to take the leap over to the curly-haired side, after all, they do say curly-haired girls have more fun!



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