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TOP 4 SUPER EASY Hairstyles To Last A Week

Mondays are sometimes a drag so here are some styles to try this week!

If you work a 9-5 job or prefer to keep your hands out your hair, we recommend these styles that will hold until the next wash day.

TIP: Always work on well HYDRATED and MOISTURIZED hair to prevent excessive breakage!

1. Front Twist

Try this style with either braids or flat twists in the front. The back can be worn as a wash-and-go or a twist/braid-out.


Small Rubber Bands

Twist Gel

Hair Lotion or Curl Activator

Parting Comb

Hair Oil


2. Cornrows/ Feed-In Braids

Frequent gym-goers or people who are active weekly love this style. Adding extra braiding hair increases longevity and fullness!

Try using oil while braiding to prevent snapping hair strands while braiding.


Parting Comb

Braiding Hair (optional)

Hair Gel

Credit: Instagram @whynotgonatural


3. Half Up - Half Down

Bun in the front, party in the back! Adding two twists in the front adds a flirty flare that will be perfect for weekend outings, especially embellished with hair jewelry.


Soft Bristle Brush

Twisting Gel (Optional)

Hair Cuffs

Thin Scrunchie

Credit: Youtube @TrueleyTalentedBeauty


4. Front Flat Twist with Low Bun

Low bun styles are very versatile in the front. A simple middle part or flat twist adds complexity to this timeless style!


Bobby Pins

Thin Scrunchie

Hair Spray

Credit: Rocio Isabelle

Check out the link below to see how Rocio achieved this style.

If you try any of these styles tag #beenaturalbox on Instagram to be featured!

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