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The Hero that Paved the Beauty Industry for Black Women

Bee Natural celebrates Black History Month & this week were recognizing an extraordinary lady in the beauty industry!


Annie Turnbo Malone was an American businesswoman, inventor, and philanthropist. She is known for launching the black hair care industry at the beginning of the 20th century.

Malone founded and developed an entire line of hair and beauty products for black women and curated prominent commercial and educational enterprises primarily focused on cosmetics for African-American women.

Unfortunately, Malone was faced with many setbacks, like many other African Americans trying to make a way for themselves during this time. Her line of products was denied by a plethora of distribution channels but Malone preserved!

Malone took matters into her own hands and began advertising her products door to door with demonstrations. She gave away free treatments as another way for her business to get traction. In the end, she was extremely successful with her products and even opened her first shop in 1902 due to high demand.

Malone is considered to be one of the first African American women to become a millionaire.


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