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The Difference Between Conditioner & Deep Conditioner

One thing to know about curls is they need a little extra love and care than other hair types.

To have your curls thriving they need lots of cool water, tons of daily care, and heaps of conditioner! In fact, according to Holy Curls, the structure of spiral strands causes the hair to dry more than the average head of hair. The root of this stems from the oils that are produced by the scalp, they take much longer to travel down to the ends of the hair to supply that moisture.

This is why it is so crucial to give your curls a daily dose of moisture and oil every time you wash your hair and why it is critical to know the difference between conditioner and deep conditioner so you know how to properly give your hair the love it needs to flourish!

What is a regular conditioner?

Regular conditioner is made to cleanse, soften, and strengthen the surface of your hair strands. Conditioner is designed to coat your hair cuticle in oil, resulting in shiny smooth locs. typically conditioner is left in the hair anywhere between one and five minutes. You can leave it in as long as you wish, but you will not get overly moisturized hair like you would if you deep-conditioned it. Regular conditioners are not formulated to fully penetrate your hair like deep conditioner is designed to do.

What is a deep conditioner?

If you are experiencing more frizz than usual, breakage consistently, and can not seem to tame the mane, then it's time to hit your hair with the deep stuff. Right off the bat, you'll notice the consistency of deep conditioner is much more thick than regular conditioner. This is so the product will stick to the hair longer and really be able to puncture through all the layers in your curls. When searching for a good, trustworthy, deep conditioner look for ingredients like coconut, olive, or argan oils in the formulas, these fatty acids are great for nourishing hair strands and will leave a shiny finish to your curls. Instead of leaving the conditioner in for a couple of minutes, deep conditioner is meant to stay in your hair anywhere from 20 minutes to hours, the longer the more beneficial it will be!

So what’s the difference between conditioning and deep conditioning?

A regular conditioner is made to detangle, soften, and cleanse the hair but ultimately only works on the surface of strands. A deep conditioner is more of a treatment that aims to restore moisture in the many layers of your hair strand.

So if you are experiencing dry, damaged, hair investing in a deep conditioner would be best for you and your mane!


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