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Tame the Frizz

Sometimes our frizzy hair days are out of our control but these tips and tricks may help tame the mane!

The frustration of frizz is real and most people have to battle with their frizzy hair. At times it feels like nothing can help but you are not alone. Follow these hacks, they’ll save your hair and sanity!

Chop Chop

If you are noticing your hair has been frizzing more than usual lately sometimes all you need is a good trim. Dead or split ends really factor in how frizzy your hair gets as it can travel up the strand causing all that commotion.

Too Hot to Handle

No not the Netflix Tv series, we're talking about the shower temperature may be too hot for your hair to handle! Although it may feel good on your muscles after a long day, the shower temperature could affect your hair negatively. Try lukewarm showers or avoid washing your hair in the shower and wash it in a sink with cooler water after.

Reduce Friction

Using a cotton towel to dry your hair isn't the best choice when wanting to avoid frizz. Cotton towels are too harsh for hair and could cause breakage as well as frizz. Try using a microfiber tower or an old t-shirt instead to dry your hair.

Shampoo & Conditioners That Work for You

If you are not using a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically for your hair type then that could very well be the problem. A trustworthy shampoo and conditioner are so crucial for your hair to excel. Bee Natural Box has a great variety of shampoos and conditioners for all hair types. Alternate between our shampoo/ conditioner one day and then just conditioner the next to lock in the moisture to curls.

Hair Masks are Your Best Friend

A good hair mask can go a long way for one’s frizz. Giving your hair that extra moisture and hydration may just be the thing your hair really needs. Applying a hair mask weekly can really improve the frizziness and allow your mane to be as shiny and moisturized as ever.

These tips and tricks have done wonders for my frizz, especially when combatting it with great-quality products. If you're tired of spending money on products that don’t do much for your hair, today is the day to make that change! Take the Hair Quiz below to get started.

After you’ve completed the hair quiz, pick out a box(s) that focus on what you are looking for and before you know it Bee Natural Box will have it shipped right to your front door.

No more frizz or frustration just happy healthy hair when you order from Bee Natural Box!

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