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Product Review with YOUR Bee Natural Box

Right before my new protective style, I completed my routine using some products from our featured brands. If you've purchased a #beenaturalbox and received one of these products, tag us on Instagram @beenaturalbox and let us know what you think!


Taliah Waajid Bamboo & Coconut Milk Moisturizing Mint Shampoo was a luxurious experience! I had a ton of product buildup from my hair lotions and edge control and this product left my hair feeling clean but not stripped. The minty tingly sensation felt amazing on my scalp and gave me a great lather.


✨Helped with manageability, product was able to distribute easily throughout my strands

✨This shampoo contains bamboo and biotin extract which promotes hair strength & growth

✨Menthol is a vasodilator that stimulates blood circulation on the scalp

✨The coconut milk and aloe leaf extract had moisturizing qualities which made it easy to section my hair


Promptly after I shampooed, I applied a deep conditioner to damp hair. Creme of Nature Pure Honey Hair Mask feels and looks like butterscotch pudding. The fragrance is high on the list but the scent isn't overpowering. I applied the product heavy-handed to make sure every strand was coated and let it rest for an hour with plastic wrap. My hair felt like BUTTER after washout.


✨This is the best mask consistency, very easy to apply, and not runny.

✨It contains shea butter and coconut oil which help moisturize

✨Hydrolyzed milk protein was a bonus! It's great for maintaining moisture and elasticity.

Overall both products have great value and we often recommend these products for people who have chronic dryness or protective style often! Strengthening shampoos and hydrating masks are tools that help with creating an amazing hair regimen!

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