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Natural Hair Looks That Will Never Go Out Of Style


With the spring season around the corner, check out these fun timeless hairstyles to spice up your aesthetic!


Transitioning to natural hairstyles can be challenging especially if you do not know where to start. Tackling the hurdle of which products work best for your hair type is one challenge and styling it without any heat damage or taking up too much time can be a whole other issue. Bee Natural Box is here to give you the best looks with minimal effort.

This season is out with the old and in with the new. Take a look at the inspiration, these styles are quick to achieve, fun and creative, and will never go out of style!


High Puff

This hair look is low maintenance and a great go-to for ladies with type 4 or coily hair. This style is timeless and perfect for wanting your hair out of your face or off your clothes.

The best part about this look? Any hair length can rock this style!


Perm Rod Curls

This hair look is the perfect style for achieving voluminous curls without heat damage to your hair. This look has been around for ages, yet, is so fun and fashionable!

Make sure your hair is completely dry before taking the curls out!



Give your natural hair the love it deserves with this low-maintenance super chic look! You can choose the amount of volume you desire by picking your hair out.

You can add a part if you prefer, or let your natural hair take over!


Blow Out

The blowout look will help add volume and movement to your hair while still looking sleek and sexy and is a great go-to for any occasion.

You can even pull some pieces back and make this look into a half-up half-down hairdo.


Low Puff

The low puff hairstyle is a lifesaver when wash day is near and you're just not feeling it. This is a fashionable and effortless look that only takes minutes to achieve.

You can leave pieces out at the front of your head to frame your face as shown in the picture.


Braid Out

Curly and coily hair is prone to shrinkage, which can lead to tangles and breakage. Braid-outs help you stretch your hair without the heat and give lots of volume to the hair.

Add some oil to the ends of your curls to make them pop!



Welcoming all hair lengths to try out bantu knots!

This style is a little misleading as your hair gets wrapped tightly into buns rather than knotted. Regardless, you'll have heads turning at this spunky, flattering look!


Bantu knots with a Twist

Bantu knots are a look that serves the best of both worlds. Wear Bantu knots smooth and sleek the traditional way or add a twist to the style by letting some curls peak through the buns.



Running behind on time but still have to do your hair? Throwing it up into a pineapple-shaped bun will have your hair out of your face effortlessly while still looking chic.

Add some oil to the ends of your hair to help accentuate your curls.


Half-up Bun

This hairstyle is great when you want your hair out of your face yet still want to show off some of your natural curls. You can play around with the bun too either going smooth and sexy or messy and playful.


Let us know if you try any of these natural hairstyles and tag us at @ beenaturalbox on Instagram TikTok!


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