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Major Causes of Hair Breakage

It's very normal to lose strands of hair throughout the day. On average, people lose about 100 strands of hair a day. It's when you start to lose more strands than gain or if you notice your hair breaking halfway down the strand when there is a problem.

As much as everyone hates hair breakage it is a common experience for many women but if you catch it early enough, your hair will bounce back in no time!


What causes hair breakage?

There are many reasons as to why you are experiencing hair breakage, according to Allure, breakage is a huge problem especially for people with curly, coarser hair types since the oils at your scalp do not reach your curls like they would with straight hair. The tighter the curl is the more susceptible it is to breakage.

Coloring your hair is one main reason why one might experience hair breakage. Coating your hair strands in synthetic dyes will cause them to be more dry and brittle which is everything you want to avoid if you are dealing with consistent breakage.

Sleeping with wet or damp hair is another major cause of hair breakage. You may not think sleep could be damaging to your hair but laying on your hair for hours is not the best so doing it wet will only cause your hair to be more frizzy and brittle.

Bleaching the hair is extremely damaging and if you bleach it consistently the chemicals in the bleach will break down your hair compounds resulting in the strand being weaker, and prone to breakage.

Heat styling is another silent killer for your mane. Heating tools put lots of stress onto your curls which will cause breakage, frizz, and brittleness. Staying away from heating styles is ideal but using heating protectants is crucial if you do choose to heat style your hair.

Brushing your curls out when they are dry and with a brush is the perfect combination for hair breakage. If you have curly hair, wide-tooth combs will be your best friend! Make sure to only brush your curls out when they are wet or damp that will take care of half the battle! We know how tempting it can be to detangle a knot when the hair is dry but sometimes you are better off waiting till after you shower to deal with that pesky tangle!


If you are experiencing major hair breakage and doing more than one of these habits daily maybe it is time to switch up your hair care routine! Investing in a good, trustworthy deep conditioner is key to locking moisture back into hair strands.

Remember, everyone's hair is different so do not beat yourself up if you are trying different remedies but are seeing no results. Sometimes with our hair, we have to play a game of trail and error to find the perfect hair care routine for your hair texture and type!


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