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How to Moisturize & Seal Fine Type 4 High Porosity Hair

What Does the L.O.C Method Stand For?

Liquid, Oil, Creme! This routine is best for high porosity hair types that are prone to dryness and breakage. The technique behind the L.O.C method is adding an oil right after water is introduced to the hair shaft, then following up with a creme/butter to seal in moisture. Layering these products in order will optimize their properties to keep my hair feeling moisturized for 4-7 days!

Products For the Best L.O.C Method

Firstly, I always start off with freshly washed hair. A clarifying shampoo will remove residual gel and buildup from previous styles. Whilst in the shower, I'll follow up with a deep conditioner to save time on washday, plus the steam helps the product absorb into the hair faster. Remember to rinse with cool water!

Liquid - Right out of the shower I'll start my routine on damp hair. If my hair dries too fast (per high porosity nature) I'll use a spray bottle with a water/oil mix. I've been loving the As-I-Am Castor Oil Water Spray because the oil helps with detangling.

Oil - High porosity hair can withstand heavier oils! Since there are big gaps in the cuticle, heavy oils can easily penetrate the hair shaft. I love using coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil, or a blend of each.

Creme - I live by hair lotions because they normally are a blend of water, oil, and hair emollients such as shea butter. This stage in the L.O.C method will really add shine and elasticity to my hair so I go in pretty heavy handeded. My favorite hair moisturizer is the TGIN Butter Cream Moisturizer. This product is thick like room-temp butter but really helps with definition for braid-outs. Personally, I like when products weigh my hair down because my fine strands are prone to frizz. Thicker products also help keep my hair clumped together which increases moisture retention.

Tips and Tricks for Application

  1. Be heavy-handed with products. I like to keep my hands out of my hair so when I layer product I keep in mind that my hair likes to drink product. Adding a generous amount of product helps the moisture to last at least a week.

2.Minimize hair tools. I like to use the finger combing technique which is the gentlest way to distribute product evenly. Staying away from brushes and combs decreases the risk for mechanical damage.

3. Gently "Squeeze" the product into hair. My type 4 hair is like a sponge; as I apply each layer of products I'll gently squeeze each section to push the products deeper into the hair shaft, this technique works well with high-density hair.

4. Follow up with styling. On a good day I'll do a cute braid out, but if I'm lazy I'll do a low tension bun. Styling right after the L.O.C method will decrease breakage and help retain moisture.

Here are the results from a braid out I did using water, coconut oil, and ORS hair lotion! Definition will usually last me 3 days but depending on the weather I won't have to re-moisturize for 5! This is the first-day post braid out and the style will volumize as days pass.

( Mask on for work lol)

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