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How to Grow Out Your Curly Hair Naturally


These tips and tricks will make even the most stubborn hair grow as long as Rapunzel's!

Let's face it, we all have been through the phase where no matter what products and tactics are used, your hair does not want to grow! The frustration can be so intense making you just want to scream, but do not lose faith and hope. Take a breath, remember everyone has been in this boat, and give these recommendations a go!


1. Learn your hair texture.

How can a pilot fly across the country if they do not know how the plane operates? Just because the pilot is given a map and the keys to the plane, it does not ensure their success. The same rules apply when trying to add length to your locks. If you do not understand your hair type then all the products in the world will not help. Understanding your hair texture is half the battle, what works for one individual may not work so well for the other. Take our quiz, the answers you give will generate t the type of hair you have and what to focus on for the best results.

2. Deep condition when you wash.

Washing curly hair only when needed is crucial so the curls stay preserved and natural oils do not get stripped. Washing your hair once to twice a week is ideal and if needed throw in a couple of dry shampoo treatments. When it does come time to wash curly hair it is major that a deep condition is done afterwards. Deep conditioning will help seal your hair cuticles and protect it from damage.

Our Creme of Nature Pure Honey Hair Mask is the perfect product for deep conditioning. This butterscotch-scented hair mask will coat and seal every strand of your hair leaving it silky smooth after rinsing out.

3. Use a wide-tooth comb

A brush or fine tooth comb is a true enemy of curly hair. Brushing with anything but a wide-tooth comb will result in damage to your hair, breakage, frizz, and pain. Instead, a wide tooth comb will gently detangle your hair painlessly thus when styling it will be done much more efficiently without all the damage. If you’re going to use a brush or fine tooth comb I recommend using it when the hair is dry, this will avoid plenty of breakage/ damage.

4. How you dry your hair matters

It is very important to have a good process when it comes to drying hair. If you can, purchase a micro-fiber hair wrap, it will instantly change how your hair feels after it dries. If not, a cotton t-shirt will work just as well. Avoid trying your hair with a towel, the material is too tough for hair and sucks all the moisture out of it. When drying your hair instead of rubbing the moisture out, press it out. This will ensure the curls even more and help it the hair strands from breaking.

5. Massage your scalp

This simple hack could do wonders for your hair if done consistently. Rubbing your scalp daily will increase the blood flow to the hair follicles, strengthen the root of the hair, and help distribute natural oils evenly over the scalp. Completing this every day for five to ten minutes is ideal and if you really want to speed up the process add coconut, castor, or rosemary oil to your fingertips before rubbing your head. You also can try laying over your bed or bending down prior to the scalp massage, this will let more blood flow to your scalp resulting in better circulation to the hair follicles.


These tips and tricks will work for any hair length and hair type. It is key to remember that hair does not grow inches overnight just like Rome was not built in a day. Staying patient and positive is crucial and remembering everyone’s hair journey is different so we appreciate all the progress along the way!


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