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Featured Brands Found in Our Boxes


With Black History Month just passing, we're highlighting some black-owned businesses that are featured in Bee Natural Boxes!

Bee Natural Box is founded on the values of passion and empowerment and strives to highlight and support other like-minded businesses as well. Every brand that is featured in Bee Natural Box is hand-picked by the co-founders to ensure only the best products on the market are representing the brand. The brands listed below are just a few of the black-owned businesses featured in our boxes that we are beyond proud to be in alliance with!

Chanelle Rae Faithfully Au' Naturelle

Au' Naturelle is an all-organic, plant-based skin and hair self-care company. The company launched in 2020 and its mission goal is to increase skin health with the use of plant ingredients that are organic and closest to their Au' Naturelle state.

Chanelle Rae, Founder of Faithfully Au' Naturelle, started this company because of her case of severe acne and eczema. That, along with dermatologists not being helpful, she decided to take matters into her own hands, thus, Faithfully Au' Naturelle was born!

Michelle Stone & Shawndasha Hall ItzMade4Me

ItzMade4Me is an all-natural product line that specializes in dry hair and skin. All of their products are vegan and gluten-free and the purpose of their brand is to naturally cleanse the external layers of skin and hair all while not stripping the body of its natural oils.

All products are made in Middletown, NY, and are carefully formulated with fine ingredients to purify and nourish the skin and scalp at the same time.

Their hair and skin moisturizers have an end result of strong healthy hair and smoother, softer, clearer skin. Your hair, scalp, skin, and lips are guaranteed to stay hydrated while using ItzMade4Me products.

Carla Clarkson Honey Blowout

Founder of Honey Blowout, Carla Clarkson, is a cosmetologist of over 25 years, and created Honey Blowout to bring you the purest in prepoo hair products & moisturizers.

Honey Blowout locks in the hair's natural pH-balanced oils. Their PREPOO hair treatment is designed to protect your hair during heat styling processes using the natural benefits of honey.

Honey Blowout's mission is to empower you to love your hair with any texture!

Want to try these brands' products but are not confident which ones will work best for you? Don’t fret!

Take the Bee Natural Quiz listed below and within a few minutes, you will know what type of hair you have and which products work best with it!

Don't hesitate, start your hair journey today with the best all-natural products on the market!


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