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Embracing the Beauty of 4C Hair: My Journey to Self-Love

When it comes to hair, each texture is unique and beautiful in its way. In this article, I want to share with you my personal journey of learning to love and embrace my 4C hair. From struggles to self-discovery, I hope to inspire others on their hair journeys.

I'll start by acknowledging that embracing 4C hair is not always an easy task. Society often promotes a narrow standard of beauty, making it challenging for those with kinkier hair textures to feel accepted. My hair has been compared to so many things, a stainless steel wool scrubber for one, nappy hair, etc. I faced self-doubt and insecurities and did not like my hair. I was glad the first time I got my hair relaxed. 

Relaxing my hair came with its challenges. I had scalp burns from the relaxer being on my hair too long, because my roots just weren’t relaxing. I hated the smell of the relaxer which seemed to follow after every session. It was worth it though, my hair was soft and manageable, and the best part, no nasty name-calling, and no more broken combs. 

After years of having the relaxer wreak havoc on my tresses, I cut my hair for the first time. I hated it. My first shower with my hair all cut was my favorite. I could feel the water on my scalp. 

Representation matters! Seeing others with 4C hair rocking their natural locks with confidence was truly empowering. From social media influencers to celebrities, I sought out diverse voices and found inspiration in their stories. It reminded me that my hair is beautiful, and I should be proud to showcase it.

I decided to grow out my hair again and embrace the natural hair movement wholeheartedly. I was buying any and every oil, serum, and moisturizer that swore would manage my hair. I took several hair quizzes and spent time making my at-home hot oils based on the YouTube hair gurus. But I still hadn’t embraced my hair. I was trying to tame it, make it look like good hair. 

I finally had enough and realized I was spending way too much money on hair needs. I had to take the time to start embracing my 4C hair. 4C hair is known for its tight coils and shrinkage, which can make it appear shorter than it is. Learning about the porosity and density of my hair helped me choose the right products and techniques that catered to its specific needs.

I then developed a consistent haircare routine which became an important part of my journey. Through trial and error, I discovered the products and techniques that worked best for my hair. Deep conditioning, protective styling, and moisturizing became my allies in maintaining healthy and vibrant 4C hair.

One of the most incredible aspects of 4C hair is its versatility. I began to experiment with different hairstyles, from twist-outs to bantu knots, embracing the creative possibilities my hair offered. The more I played around with different styles, the more I fell in love with the versatility and uniqueness of my 4C hair.

Embracing my 4C hair has been a transformative journey. It's not just about loving my hair; it's about loving and accepting myself completely. Through self-care, representation, and celebrating the beauty of diversity.

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