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Benefits of Co-Washing

Want to incorporate a new and innovative way to cleanse your hair without stripping it of natural oils? Look no further.


Co-washing is a new and evolving method that has natural hair enthusiasts loving its benefits and the concept of it! Co-washing is a term that describes how conditioner is used to cleanse your hair, this process calls for no shampoo only conditioner to cleanse the scalp and hair strands.

This method helps add moisture to the hair instead of stripping it of oils, thus, making it a great alternative to shampooing. Unlike shampoo, co-washing can help rejuvenate the hair and scalp while still protecting it at the same time.

Co-washing can be beneficial for those with natural hair, as it helps promote natural hair growth and maintain healthy-looking locks.

A major benefit of co-washing is the moisture that it holds in the hair. Shampoo strips the hair follicle of essential oils and can be rough on the strands. Co-washing on the other hand, adds extra moisture to hair instead of drying it out. Extra moisture to the hair can also help relieve dandruff.

Co-washing is a much more gentle routine and will not irritate or dehydrate the scalp as much as shampoo would. Dandruff can be caused for a plethora of reasons but if experiencing an itchy or aggravated scalp, co-washing could be a great natural starting point to help alleviate the pain.

Co-washing also helps rid hair of breakage and tangling! Since co-washing is so moisturizing and gentle it helps decrease the amount of breakage and shedding one can experience. Co-washing also will cut down on your detangling time after the shower and really helps seal in the moisture to your mane causing it to be less frizzy and more accessible for growth!

Lastly, co-washing helps with curl definition. The more you co-wash the more definition to your curls there will be. The definition stems from all the moisture getting sealed into the hair strands when co-washing. So now you know all the benefits, learn the process of how to co-wash!

Just like shampooing, co-washing is relatively the same. Take about a dime size amount of conditioner and apply it to the scalp. Gently start rubbing the scalp without applying too much pressure or force. Massage the conditioner into the head for about thirty seconds and then rinse. Repeat this same process on your hair strands and voilà! The co-washing process is complete.

You can use the same conditioner you use now to co-wash your hair but there are specially-made conditioners that are solely purposed for co-washing. If you see a conditioner specifically called a cleansing conditioner or co-wash that product is made with more gentle and light ingredients that help break down oils to achieve that fresh and clean feeling.

Co-washing is a great alternative for natural hair and can really help promote healthy scalp, follicles, and strands as well as growth. Co-washing may not be for all hair types but incorporating this method into your daily or weekly routine could cause a great positive shift in your hair journey which is definitely worth trying!


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