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Bee Natural FAQ


For those of you that are new to Bee Natural, welcome!

We have created an updated FAQ for those curious about our company and who want to know more about what we offer here at Bee Natural.


Is a Bee Natural Box for me?

We cater to wavy, curly, and afro-textured hair types. No matter your gender, we create a personalized hair routine to make it fun and easy to style your natural hair! Whether you prefer the curly look, frequently straighten or chemically treat your hair, we'll curate a regimen to fit your lifestyle!

What do my quiz results mean?

Our hair quiz gives us more information about your hair characteristics and preferred styling method which allows us to build the perfect routine. At checkout, enter your unique hair code and upload a photo for optimal personalization.

How do I know what products I get in each box?

Each box contains 3 full-sized products, a sample product, and a hair accessory. We hand-pick products for each box from our featured brands.

How do I know which box type is for me?

Each box type targets a specific issue including growth/length retention, moisture, damage control, and, curl enhancement. Our hair quiz recommends the best box type or try each one with a subscription!

What will my subscription look like?

We offer 2-3 month subscriptions. Try each box type or stick to your favorite one! Every Bee Natural Box you'll receive will contain different products to help maintain your hair goals.

What if I want to buy a box for someone else?

Bee Natural Box is the perfect gift for someone with curly or afro-textured hair! We recommend taking the hair quiz so we get a sense of their hair profile.


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