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5 Ways to Detangle Natural Hair

Having curly hair makes it easier for knots and tangles to form in your hair. Just one night of improper care and you could wake up to a matted mess. Detangling your hair with the correct products is key; keeping it consistent will make it look healthier and less frizzed.


1. Use a wide tooth comb and lots of moisture

Moisture is the top priority when it comes to curls. If your mane is consistently getting tangled and knotted up, it could be a sign of extremely dry hair. To ensure your hair gets the right treatment, ensure your shampoo and conditioner do not contain sulfates. Sulfates are the #1 dehydrator for hair and should be avoided at all costs. Using a wide-tooth comb is designed to detangle hair and will be much more delicate on knots and tangles than a fine-tooth comb would.


2. Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great protection for your hair and hair's cuticles. If you mix equal parts of water and cider and use it after shampooing it'll have you seeing results almost instantly. Rub the mixture into your hair and scalp for about ten minutes before rinsing off.


3. Keep a spray bottle handy

Keeping the hair moist and hydrated while you style or detangle will help the process in the long run. Having a spray bottle at hand is so convenient and will be a lifesaver in some cases, just that little extra spritz of hydration really can go a long way!

Using a spray bottle fresh out of the shower or after a long day with the same hairstyle will make your life a lot easier and your hair a lot less stubborn to work with.


4. Ditch synthetic hair colors

Chemically-made hair dyes can strip your hair of natural moisture and induce knotty and tangled hair. Switching to an organic hair dye could do wonders for one hair. Henna is a great alternative to hair dye as it is all-natural and will add more of a shine to your hair.


5. Don’t detangle dry

Finding a knot or tangle throughout the day is so tempting to pick at it but you will most likely do more damage than good if you try when the hair is not wet. It's best to ignore it until you are ready to unstyle the hair for the day.

Using a hair oil or deep conditioning treatment will help soften those difficult pesky knots and tangles and will help make the process a lot smoother.


These are just some of the methods we, Bee Natural Box, think are the best, safest way to detangle your locks. Remember, we all have had our fair share of run-ins with stubborn matted or tangled hair, so be patient with yourself and extra gentle with your hair!

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