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Partnership: Faithfully Au'Naturelle

We are so excited to announce a brand partnership with Faithfully Au'Naturelle! This brand will be featured in our box for a limited time!

Faithfully Au'Naturelle is a black owned, woman owned, plant based, organic and herbal natural hair and skin company. Each of their products are vegan, contain certified organic ingredients and are 100% handmade.

This amazing company was founded by Chanelle Ray who also graduated from Temple University alongside our founders here at Bee Natural Box!

Chanelle began making her own hair and skin products with natural ingredients that were good for her hair and skin. Once she began to see positive results, she began producing and selling her products and created Faithfully Au'Naturelle to share her journey with others and redefine beauty standards.

We are so excited to feature Faithfully Au'Naturelle in our Bee Natural Box for a limited time!

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